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About Our Program.

  • Families enter the program with an initial 30-day stay in mind.

  • Families use the Day Center, which offers laundry and shower facilities, as their home base and permanent address while in the program.

  • Families stay overnight at host congregations where volunteers provide all meals and transportation to and from the Day Center.

    • Host Congregations commit to hosting 3-5 families every night for seven nights, at least once per quarter.

    • Volunteers provide all meals.

    • Families are transported to and from the Day Center and Host Congregation in Family Promise of Irving's van.

  • With all basic needs provided free of charge, families concentrate on meeting the goals in their case management plan including seeking full-time employment, saving money, and securing permanent housing.

Who We Serve.

  • Families who have lost, or are at risk of losing, their current housing, including families living in hotels or with family or friends.

  • Single-parent, dual-parent, and multi-generational families are accepted.

  • Must be 18 years or older and have at least one dependent child under the age of 18.

  • Have a stable history of either work or housing.

  • Capable of regaining self-sufficiency.

  • Must be drug and alcohol-free with no serious criminal record.

  • Families commit to: seeking full-time employment and housing on a daily basis;

  • meeting regularly with a case manager and completing a case management plan;

  • saving at least 70% of earned income; and

  • remaining drug and alcohol-free while in the program.

  • No religious affiliation is necessary.

How To Qualify.

Step 1: Call 972-313-1500 to answer a brief questionnaire. 
Step 2: If requested, schedule and complete an in-person interview with adult family members present. (~1 hour)
Step 3: Submit to a background check and drug screening.
Step 4: Acknowledge, sign, and abide by all guest guidelines.

What Family Promise of Irving guests are saying.

"My heart only knows gratitude for all of you. I couldn't have done this without your support. The way you've helped me is a clear demonstration of why this program is unmatched. You embody kindness, generosity, and so much LOVE." 

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